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Are you ready to quit?

It is okay if you are not ready to quit smoking today. Looking at resources to quit is a great place to begin. Many people quit smoking, and you can too.

Think about why you want to quit smoking

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition, smoking can make your condition worse or make it hard to manage your symptoms. Quitting smoking is often high on the list of ways to improve your health. Maybe you have more social motivations, like being a good role model for your family, or you want to save money. Smoking can negatively affect your lifespan and can lead to serious health consequences.

How can I quit smoking?

Nicotine is addictive and often used as a stress reliever, even though it adds stress to your body. Quitting is hard, but it is easy to find resources and support to help you along the way. Creating a plan is great way to keep yourself on track and successfully quit smoking for good.

  1. Be prepared and make a plan
  2. Change your routine and consider taking a walk instead of smoking
  3. Use medicine
  4. Manage cravings
  5. Get support

Know why you are quitting and remind yourself when you are not sure. Ask yourself these questions to help stay on track:

What do I dislike about smoking?
What do I miss out on when I smoke?
How is smoking affecting my health?
What will happen to me and my family if I keep smoking?
How will my life get better when I quit?

What can you do?

Talk with your doctor about how to quit smoking or research online ways to get started. Some programs offer replacement therapy, telephone support and action items like taking a walk to lower cravings as simple techniques to become smoke free. Know that there will be cravings and triggers along the way. Make sure you are prepared to reduce these uncomfortable feelings.

Find more information and resources about how to quit smoking.

If you are ready to quit smoking, find support to get started.


Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

Woman grabbing a prescriptionDid you know that certain prescription medicines are available as a 90-day supply? Medicine that you take on a long-term basis to manage your health is called a “maintenance drug.” A 90-day supply makes it easier to keep taking the medicine you need to feel your best. You may also be eligible to receive your long-term medications through free home delivery.



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